Is There A Shake Shack Dog Menu?

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Going out to eat with friends is one of life’s greatest pastimes, but what about with man’s best friend? Far too many restaurants have a no-pets policy, leaving dog lovers everywhere up a creek when they just want to have some fun time with their furry companions. Check out what’s on the special Shake Shack dog menu!

Thankfully, a few food chains are more forgiving of having your pooch along for the ride, and Shake Shack is one of them. Shake Shack doesn’t only tolerate having dogs join you for lunch, but they also encourage it. This restaurant provides a separate menu dedicated to our four-legged friends. 

shake shack dog menu

The Shake Shack Dog Menu

Shake Shack partnered with Bocce’s Bakery to create the ShackBurger Dog Biscuits. You can find these dog-friendly options at most Shake Shacks except for ballparks, stadiums, airports, and international outposts.

There are two options featured on Shake Shack’s Doggie Menu, AKA the Woof Menu. The first option is the “Bag O Bones”; a pack of 5 Bocce’s Bakery ShackBurger Biscuits. The second option is the “Pooch-ini”; a cup of vanilla custard topped with peanut sauce and 2 ShackBurger Biscuits. 

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What Inspired The Woof Menu? 

Shake Shack’s culinary director, Mark Rosati, stated, “When we opened up our first Shack in Madison Square Park, so many of our guests showed up after taking their pets to the park’s dog run, that we thought it would only be good hospitality to offer something to our four-legged friends, as well.” 

Shake Shack started as just a little NYC hotdog stand in 2001 and grew into a billion-dollar company now known nearly worldwide, with over 375 locations.

The intent was to revitalize Madison Square Park, and the crowd it brought in was a large part of the process. The first building opened in 2004 and was an immediate success, and became even more so after the introduction of the Woof Menu. 

Shake Shack Bag O Bones 

shake shack dog menu
Order from the Shake Shack dog menu at Bocce’s Bakery

Bocce’s Bakery brags that their dog biscuits are always oven-baked in small batches. ShackBurger Biscuits have a list of just a few healthy ingredients that are perfectly safe for your pet. This list includes,

  • Organic Rye Flour
  • Beef
  • Beef Liver
  • Carrots
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Parsley 

These delicious treats contain just under 20% protein, 7.2% fat, and 1.2% fiber. Each biscuit contains less than 100 calories. 

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Is The Pooch-ini Good For Dogs? 

Shake Shack’s puppy desert with the creative name is nothing more than a small cup of vanilla custard topped with peanut sauce and dog bones. The vanilla custard for dogs is essentially the equivalent of ice cream for humans. 

So, if you are wondering if the Poochini is good for your furry friend, the answer would be no. In the same way, ice cream is not exactly good for people. It contains dairy, sugar, and eggs—these are not exactly the kinds of things our dogs would find in the wild. 

However, as long as your pup does not have any allergies you need to watch out for, a small amount is perfectly acceptable. One Poochini cup will not hurt a large dog, although the amount served is not recommended for small dogs. 

In the same way that doctors don’t recommend humans eat ice cream every day, it would be ill-advised to offer your dog a Poochini too often. Every once in a while is perfectly acceptable. 

Dogs about to enjoy a secret Shake Shack Poochini!

More Bocce’s Bakery Options

Bocce’s Bakery has exploded off the market since its creation in 2010. It all started with Andrea Tovar attempting to help her dog, Bocce, lose weight. In her search for healthy dog treats, she realized how many fillers, preservatives, and by-products are in the average doggie bones. 

Starting with biscuits, Tovar eventually moved on to create soft treats, jerky, dental treats, and more. All of which included only simple, healthy ingredients that dogs love. There are now options for dogs with digestive issues, allergies, and dental problems. 

By using carefully selected ingredients to craft wholesome, hearty treats, Bocce’s Bakery can help your dog stay as healthy as it possibly can. These treats also come in a variety of flavors, including bone broth, fish and chips, Sunday roast, and many more.


Healthy DIY Dog Snack Ideas

If you’re not keen on buying anything from the Shake Shack dog menu, or even your local grocery or pet supply store, you’re still not out of luck. There are plenty of ways you can make your own dog biscuits right at home, to ensure your pet is getting the top-notch ingredients it deserves. 

For a tasty, veggie-packed dog treat, all you need is some wheat flour and pureed baby food of your choice. You can use carrots, peas, beets, or any other liquified veggie in a jar. Just mix with flour and bake in whatever shapes fit your dog best. 

If your dog is not too keen on vegetarian options, you can try shredding up some canned or fresh chicken. Beef liver, beef jerky, baked salmon, or any other meat option will also do. 

For dogs that will eat anything, fruit-flavored treats are always a big hit. Be sure you know which fruits are poisonous to dogs before taking on this endeavor—no grapes for fido! A good fall or winter option is canned pumpkin mixed with cinnamon and flour, then baked. 

Looking for an ice cream alternative? Frozen apples make a great, cooling summer treat. Or, try blending some watermelon and berries of your choice and throwing them in the freezer for a summertime pupsicle. 

Final Thoughts – Shake Shack Dog Menu

In closing, the answer is yes, there is a Shake Shack dog menu. They provide healthy, delicious treats that dogs can enjoy while at your side. However, you need not be limited to the two options they have to offer. 

Try checking out more of Bocce’s Bakery treats, or better yet, maybe whip up something for your dog at home. It’s more affordable, and you’ll know the ingredients are nutritious. 

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BarkZine is a small team of devoted dog owners – so we understand what it’s like to be obsessed with your pup! We consult with veterinarians and dog behavior experts to bring you the best advice for your furry companions.