The Best Jump Restraint Dog Harness for 2022 – Top 5 Picks

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Dogs are our absolute favorite companions in the whole wide world because they are simple to please, loyal to the core, and full of energy and fun! However, the energetic nature of our trusty four-legged friends means you need a jump restraint dog harness to walk your dog if it’s a jumper.

Read on to find out about jump restraint harnesses – and if you are unsure what to buy, our buying guide is at the end of the article to help you purchase the best jump restraint dog harness for your pet.

Rabbitgoo Escape Proof Dog Harness

best jump restraint dog harness
Rabbitgood Jump Restraint Harness

This product is a great anti-jump dog harness with five adjustable positions to keep your dog comfortable even while restrained. The product is designed for easy wear, utilizing quick-release plastic buckles similar to what you’ll find in a school bag. 

The restraint harness is spacious, allowing the dog to grow and providing sufficient stretch room where necessary. A feature that catches the eye is the padded carry handle that will enable you to gain instant control over your pet or guide your dog over obstacles outside the house. 

It is a versatile anti-jump dog harness that assists old or disabled dogs ensuring they can walk up and down the stairs or get in and out of vehicles. It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for pet rehabilitation and support. The product features an extra webbing loop for additional balance and dog control.

The reflective straps provide high visibility in low light conditions ensuring a safe no-jump walk on any day. The force of the pulling pressure is evenly distributed to prevent choking and chafing. There’s an ingenious back attachment ring for extra protection when your dog is in the least.

Additionally, the material is made from breathable padded fabric to put your dog’s comfort first. This harness is ideal for extended walks, sturdy, durable, and excellent for extreme weather conditions. The heavy-duty polyester webbing is strong enough for safe daily use. Overall, this jump restraint dog harness is as close to perfection as any harness can get.


  • Excellent for restraining large, powerful dogs
  • Uses breathable materials to keep dog comfy
  • Five-point adjustable system for even weight distribution
  • Reflective clothing for a nighttime walk
  • Durable, breathable weather-proof fabric
  • Ideal for extended use


  • Expensive
  • May not work for smaller dogs

Winsee Dog Harness No Pull

jump restraint dog harness
Winsee Dog Harness

This product is a jump restraint dog harness for small dog breeds, including Pugs, Puggle, Teddy, Yorkies, Boston Dog, Chihuahua, and many more. You’ll need to measure your dog’s chest area before picking a size. 

This harness has reflective markings to keep your dog safe during night walks and is easy to control. The textile is a 1680D Oxford fabric that is breathable and comfortable for the dog. It also has a strengthened D-ring you can attach to a leash. The slide adjusters at the chest and neck are a standout feature to provide a custom fit.

The material is durable with high density, ensuring your dog cannot chew through the fabric. It is padded at the right places with a soft sponge and mesh to provide further comfort and protection. Moreover, the quick-snap buckles and safe lock make it easy to wear or take off the dog.


  • Stops small dogs from jumping or pulling
  • Exceptionally well made
  • Breathable fabric for dog comfort
  • Reflective markings for nighttime use
  • Curbs overly excited dogs
  • It comes with an adjustable collar 
  • Easy to wear on the dog


  • Reflective material wears off in time

Scott Pet Jump Restraint Dog Harness

jump restraint dog harness
Scott Pett Jump Restraint Harness

This product is an excellent jump restraint dog harness that benefits dogs who enjoy jumping to greet or on a walk. It serves as valuable training equipment to correct such behavior. 

While it might not be the best harness for bigger dogs, it is durable enough to prevent your medium-sized dog from jumping on a whim. The product targets the hind legs taking away your dog’s ability to jump. 

That said, this harness is exclusively for training sessions. The material is black nylon strong enough to restrain dogs within the 20lv to 80lb range. The Scott Pet jump restraint dog harness is easy to put on within minutes, even though you’ll need to follow the instructions. 

It is worth mentioning that you still need to watch your dog at all times, even when on the harness. Also, the harness doesn’t restrain normal movement except jumping.

In sum, it is an excellent jump restraint harness for less powerful dogs to restrict jumping over the fence or furniture.


  • Transforms troublesome dog into a calm pet
  • It prevents jumping on adults and kids
  • Excellent for dog training
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Can cause bruising if harnessed too tight
  • Nylon material is chewable
  • Only for specialized use

Classic No-Jump Harness For Dogs

best jump restraint dog harness
Classic No Jump Dog Harness

The Classic No-jump harness for dogs restricts your dog’s rear legs, ensuring it stays put when overly excited. It features adjustable straps to prevent chafing and bruising, and it’s an excellent way to stop your dog from jumping on your little kids, friends, and loved ones. 

This product is incredibly affordable and provides value for its price. However, you need to consider the size of your dog before buying because it will break when used on a large, powerful dog. 

The harness ensures you don’t have to pull the dog while going on a walk, allowing you to control your pet without intensive training humanely. The only drawback with this harness is its difficulty to wear on the dog. However, putting it on becomes straightforward when you follow the instruction manual.


  • Durable material for prolonged use
  • Keeps excited dogs calm
  • Affordable


  • Hard to put on
  • Only useful under supervision

Lojump Jump Restraint Dog Harness

jump restraint dog harness
Lo Jump Dog Harness

The Lojump jump restraint harness is designed for dog owners who have great difficulty stopping their dogs from jumping over the fence. It’s a severe problem for pet owners when a dog is a jumper because the pet can get run over by a vehicle or put the owner under significant liability.

It is an ingenious, effective solution to stop your dog from jumping over the fence in your absence, and it works with a regular dog collar which you’ll have to purchase separately. The metallic parts of the product utilize corrosion-resistant materials to ensure it is easy to clean and prevent rusting.  

The pull strength of this harness is 4000lbs, and it uses untreated nylon, which is quite durable and yet gentle on your dog’s skin. The Lojump jump restraint harness uses a clever design to ensure your pet doesn’t chew through the material. 

It not only stops a dog’s troublesome behavior, but it is also easy to put on the dog and take off, and you can do so in less than a minute. 

It is also lovely to see a restraint harness that your dog can wear without bruising or chafing for extended periods. One thing to note is this harness doesn’t restrict normal movement ensuring your dog can walk and run just fine. 

The Lojump harness is ideal for medium to large dogs, and the entire production process from design to launch is made in the USA. The brand goes the extra mile to make a custom extra-large harness for dogs over 100lbs and provides additional chew protection for aggressive dogs. The company will also return the total purchase price if the harness isn’t adequate for any reason.


  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Works for medium to large dogs
  • Uses corrosion-resistant properties for easy cleaning
  • Great for extended use
  • Doesn’t testicle regular movement
  • Full refund if the product is ineffective


  • Leg piece can chafe and cause wounds

Best Jump Restraint Dog Harness Buying Guide

You must consider certain factors before picking a jump restraint dog harness. Fortunately, this buying guide will ensure you make an informed decision when buying a product.


In addition to safety, your dog’s comfort is the most critical factor when choosing a dog harness. Ensure the material is soft and breathable to prevent irritation. Your jumpy dog is more likely to chew through the fabric if uncomfortable.


Weight distribution is vital to prevent rubbing and chaffing. An adjustable harness is a suitable solution to this problem. It will ensure the size is the correct fit while distributing the dog’s weight evenly to prevent a choking hazard. 

Adjustable harnesses also allow your dog to grow as you can continue to adjust the points no matter the dog’s shape or size.  

Quick-Release Buckle

A snap buckle makes it easy to put the restraint harness on the dog, saving you time. This feature is crucial in an emergency to secure your dog or release it in case of an emergency.


The material must be tough enough to prevent chewing, including weatherproof features for extreme outdoor conditions.

Underbelly protection

Jump restraint dog harnesses need to use an exceptionally soft material to ensure the dog’s comfort and keep its joints and muscles from becoming sore.

Wrapping Up – Best Jump Restraint Dog Harness

The Rabbitgoo Escape Proof Dog Harness is the best overall and ideally suited for large dog breeds, while the Winsee Dog Harness No Pull is the best product for small dogs. Depending on your dog’s size, you can’t go wrong with either choice because both products will provide you with excellent value.  

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BarkZine is a small team of devoted dog owners – so we understand what it’s like to be obsessed with your pup! We consult with veterinarians and dog behavior experts to bring you the best advice for your furry companions.