Is Fabuloso Safe For Dogs? Or Is This Cleaner Toxic To Dogs?

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You may have a bottle of Fabuloso in your home. These effective cleaners can be used for both clothes and floors. However, pet owners may wonder: is Fabuloso safe for dogs?

While it is important to properly clean and sanitize homes and other spaces our animals use, we must be mindful of the safety of these products.

When used properly, most Fabuloso products are safe for dogs. However, some ingredients can severely irritate your dog’s skin. It is important to contact a vet if you suspect that your pup ingested these chemicals.

Here is some information about Fabuloso and how it affects our pets.

What is Fabuloso?

Fabuloso is a well-known brand owned by Colgate-Palmolive that makes multi-purpose cleaners. It is a cleaner that is great to clean stains, deodorize and whiten.

It can remove smells like cat urine, dog feces, and vomit. It is also an antibacterial cleaner. Use this cleaner on carpets, tiles, cement floors, and many more surfaces.

It contains the following main ingredients:

However, some Fabuloso products also have hydrogen peroxide.

Many pet owners use this cleaner in their homes because it can kill fleas and clean carpets. It also gets rid of lingering pet odors. However, Fabuloso is may not be safe for dogs or any pets – depending on the specific product and amount used.

What Happens If My Dog Ingests Fabuloso?

As mentioned, some Fabuloso products contain hydrogen peroxide. In general, hydrogen peroxide can irritate a pet’s skin and eyes when ingested or inhaled by them.

If your dog is exposed to this chemical, it may experience the following issues:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • skin irritation
  • respiratory distress
  • coma
  • bleeding nose
  • death

If you suspect that your dog swallowed Fabuloso, take the dog to a vet. A vet will try to get the chemical out of the pet’s system using different procedures. The vet may use chemicals in the dog’s stomachs to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide or give the dog activated charcoal to block absorption of this chemical in the stomach.

is fabuloso safe for dogs

Can I Use Fabuloso On Dog Skin?

While Fabuloso is technically strong enough to kill fleas, you should NOT bathe your dog in this product or put it on its skin in any capacity. The reason for this is that many of the ingredients in Fabuloso are strong irritants to dog skin. Your pup’s eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes may be severely irritated by this product.

If you use it on furniture or carpets, make sure to test a small area first—especially if your pet has sensitive skin. Otherwise, your pup may have a negative reaction to the product.

Are There Natural Alternatives?

While Fabuloso can be effective in cleaning surfaces, many pet owners are concerned about the safety of this product. Other products can clean carpets, surfaces and kill fleas without being too hazardous for your dog. In fact, many of these include commonplace household items that you probably have lying around in your home.

Let’s review some of the best low-cost natural ways to get rid of stains and odors without exposing your pets to hydrogen peroxide.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a safe alternative to use on your carpets. It is one way to get rid of carpet odors and stains without harmful chemicals, irritants, or toxins. It is also far less expensive than buying Fabuloso products all of the time. 

Some pet stores sell baking soda that comes with a scooper so you can easily clean surfaces without the possibility of endangering your dog.

is fabuloso safe for dogs


Another cheap, effective alternative is to use vinegar as a cleaner. Vinegar is a great antibacterial cleaner that you can use on many surfaces. It is also safer to use around pets than other cleaners. Some owners who have dogs with allergies will use distilled white vinegar as it does not contain any odors or smells.

If you are trying to get rid of fleas, there are natural ways to do so without resorting to harsh chemicals. Add apple cider vinegar to your dog’s shampoo, which will kill fleas. You can also add a few tablespoons of baking soda in your pet’s bath water to get rid of the fleas on your pet’s body and hair.

Safe Commercial Cleaners

You may not want to fool around with baking soda and vinegar. If you prefer a ready-made commercial cleaner, you should check out the following products:

Nature’s Miracle

Nature’s Miracle is a versatile, predominantly natural-based cleaner usable on carpets and other surfaces. It does not contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide, so it is one of the safest options for pets of all kinds. This brand also specializes in excellent products to remove pet urine stains and smells.


This product has an unscented formula that contains no dyes or ammonia. This product can be used on many different surfaces like carpeting, hardwood, tiles, and more. Woolite is a great choice for dogs with allergies and/or sensitive skin due to the lack of fragrance and irritants often associated with household cleaners.

Swiffer Sweeper

The Swiffer Sweeper is a product that can be used on hardwood floors and other surfaces. It does not have any chemicals in it so it is safe to use around pets. It has a light citrus scent that makes it very pet-friendly.


OxiClean is a soap that can be used in your washer to get rid of dirt, stains, and odors. You can also use it on surfaces like carpets, upholstery, and hard floors. It does not have any chemicals that are harmful to pets.

Conclusion – Is Fabuloso Safe For Dogs?

Is Fabuloso safe for dogs? The answer is yes – you can use Fabuloso around your dog—but with caution. Some versions of the product may be safe while others will cause more harm than good if your pets ingest it. Therefore, it is important to always read the labels of any products you use in your home and make sure that they are pet safe.

If you suspect that your dog has ingested a harmful product, take them to a vet immediately. If you don’t live near a vet, contact one by phone or online to get urgent advice.

There are healthier alternatives to using harsh cleaners on surfaces and killing fleas without exposing our pets to harmful chemicals.

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BarkZine is a small team of devoted dog owners – so we understand what it’s like to be obsessed with your pup! We consult with veterinarians and dog behavior experts to bring you the best advice for your furry companions.