How Tall Should A Dog Fence Be?

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If you’re bringing home a new dog or thinking about installing a fence for your four-legged best friend, you might be wondering, how tall should a dog fence be? After all, if the fence isn’t tall enough, it won’t keep your dog safely in your yard.

Below, we explain exactly how tall a fence should be to keep your dog contained according to its height. We also cover various factors that can alter these specifications and other related topics. That way, you can build your fence with confidence that it will work for your family.

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Recommended Fence Height for Dogs

As a rule of thumb, the recommended fence height for dogs should be about three times its shoulder height. Use a tape measure to determine the distance from the top of your dog’s shoulder bone to the ground. Then multiply that number by three. That is the minimum height that you should use for your fence.

Remember that this is a minimum height, meaning that your fence should be no shorter than this distance. It can certainly be taller, and in many cases, it probably should. 

how tall should a dog fence be

Other Factors to Consider for Dog Fence Height

There are many other factors to consider when choosing a fence for your dog and the right fence height for dogs. The first and most important is their personality and body type. 

If your dog is especially adventurous, they might be more inclined to try to escape their confines and see what lies beyond. If so, you might need a solid fence that they can’t easily knock down.

Also, consider whether your dog is a strong jumper, or a strong dog breed. Dogs have been known to place their front paws on the fence and use that to launch themselves over it. Your curious pooch would then be free to roam through your neighborhood or even into the street. Even if they don’t typically test the boundaries, they might see a squirrel or other animal and decide to go after it.

how tall should a dog fence be

Some dogs develop the bad habit of digging when confined by a fence. If your dog likes to dig, they might put that skill to use to try to escape the yard. There are things you can do to discourage dogs from digging. You will also need to keep an eye on the fence line to ensure your dog isn’t working on an escape route. 

When installing your new fence gates, spring-load them, so the gate swings shut if someone forgets to close it behind them. That way, you don’t have to worry about your dog accidentally getting out of your yard, even if you have busy kids running in and out of the yard.

Finally, be mindful of whether there are any fixtures your dog can climb to help them get over a fence. If you have a picnic table next to the fence, they can easily hop from the bench to the table and out of your yard. Make the fence taller in those places.

Is There a Standard Fence Height for Dogs?

Having a fence around your yard can add considerable value to your home, particularly if you have potential buyers with a dog. It might leave you wondering, how tall should a dog fence be to accommodate a dog of any size? Is there a standard fence height for all dogs?

In general, six feet is considered high enough to keep just about any dog inside. Six feet is usually much too high for a dog to scale, even if they have an assist from higher ground of some kind. Even if they physically could do it, most dogs would be too cautious about attempting such a feat.

how tall should a dog fence be

Six feet is a relatively standard height for fences. If you hire a fencing company or shop for fencing at a hardware store like Home Depot, you’ll have no difficulty finding a six-foot-tall fence.

If you go with solid fencing, six feet can be considered privacy fencing, which means that your neighbors won’t be able to see into your yard. In addition, your dog won’t be able to see out and bark at everyone who walks past your home. 

How Much Do Dog Fences Cost?

Part of the reason that fences add so much value to your home is that they can be very expensive to purchase and install. However, fencing prices vary widely depending on how much you need, how tall they need to be, and which type you choose.

One of the least expensive types of fencing is chain-link. You can often find chain-link fencing available from three feet to ten feet tall. It usually costs between $10 and $20 per foot, and most companies charge from $15 to $40 per foot to install. Your type of soil, number of trees, and other factors can drive the installation price higher.

how tall should a dog fence be

The most expensive types of fences are sometimes better described as walls, and most homeowners don’t consider them. A more moderate but still pricey option is standard wooden privacy fencing, which is usually at least six feet tall. That type of fence usually costs anywhere from $27 to $60 per foot. 

Of course, there are ways to save on the cost of fencing. If you’re concerned about the costs, you can install the fence yourself, as long as you can do so physically. You might also want to think about fencing in a portion of your yard rather than the whole thing. Leave your front and side yards open and just fence in the back.

Summary – How Tall Should a Dog Fence Be?

So – how tall should a dog fence be? Most experts agree that almost every dog will be contained with a fence that is six feet tall. However, many dogs don’t need a fence that tall.

As a rule of thumb, make sure your fence is at least three times the height of your dog’s shoulder. More important than that, though, is knowing your dog.

Consider all the ways your dog might try to escape your property, and design your fence accordingly. 

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BarkZine is a small team of devoted dog owners – so we understand what it’s like to be obsessed with your pup! We consult with veterinarians and dog behavior experts to bring you the best advice for your furry companions.