11 Best Dog Bakeries in NYC for Treats and Cakes

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for New York City dog bakeries to pamper your pup! Let’s take a look at the best dog bakeries in NYC right now.

Best Dog Bakeries In NYC

Your furry friend deserves a beautiful dog birthday cake and artisanal snacks, and these tasty locations in New York City offer decadent dog cakes and treats. 

Check out these eleven best dog bakeries in NYC to treat your four-legged pals. 

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dog bakeries in nyc
Dog bakeries in NYC can make cupcakes, cakes, and lots of other treats!

1. Bonne et Filou

Bonne et Filou is a national brand that makes doggie macarons for your little friend. While they primarily sell their products online and in other retail stores, there is a brick-and-mortar location in Bryant Park

The macarons come in different flavors and are beautiful enough for any tea party. Your dog deserves the best, and that’s what Bonne et Filou offers with their premium ingredients and attention to nutrition. 

The company emphasizes the French chic aesthetic, perfect for your fancy pup. They also make combination gift boxes with vibrant flavors like rose, lavender, vanilla, and mint that are the ideal purchase for a birthday or Gotcha Day. 

2. District Dog 

To treat your dog to something extra special, visit the District Dog bakery and supply store. 

Buy bone-shaped cookies with icing, doggie cannolis, and fluffy cupcakes for your pet. Or celebrate your dog’s special day with the Peanut Butter Madness Birthday Cake or Peanut Butter and Banana Cupcakes. 

District Dog is all about celebrating birthdays and showing your pet appreciation via a language they understand well: food! They also offer dog party hats to make the moment even cuter. They specialize in dog cookies and hard frosting, which is fun for dogs to eat and gnaw on. 

3. Axel and Tia’s Pet Bakery

dog bakeries new york

Axel and Tia’s Pet Bakery is the perfect spot to spoil our pup. They have doggie donuts with flavors, like sweet potato or meat-lover, plus biscuit boxes, dog cupcakes, and custom treats. 

One of their best sellers is the Yappy Hour cups, which are grain cup-shaped treats with adorable grain straws for your dog to gnaw on during cocktail hour. All ingredients are organic, and many are locally sourced to support other small businesses. 

They have frosted cakes shaped like giant tennis balls and even make biscuit cakes if your dog prefers a crunchy indulgence. Their treats are beautifully crafted and customizable, so you get your furry friend’s name imprinted on their treats!

4. Pupster Bakery

Everything at Pupster Bakery gets baked from scratch in-house, even their pre-packaged treats. So you can trust there are no unnecessary ingredients or additives, just the good stuff. 

They have doggie donuts, pup s’mores, pretzel treats, puppy cinnamon rolls, cannolis, and pancakes! So forget the typical bone-shaped biscuits your dog has had before, and expand their palette with these yummy and inventive treats. 

They also have several treats made from beets, which are heart-healthy and tasty for dogs. They have a variety of fun gift boxes for both cats and dogs so that you can surprise your little friend with a hand-packed box of goodness. 

Visit their Facebook page for the latest dog treats and deals.

5. Little L’s Pet Bakery and Boutique

Little L’s Pet Bakery and Boutique is a beautiful dog bakery in New York designed to pamper your dog’s tummy. They have charming seasonal treats, doggie waffles, meaty food seasoning to make their kibble more enticing, and meat-chip cookies. 

Their treats emphasize meat because what dog doesn’t love meat? And they sell dog brittle in many flavors, like pork and coconut, cheese and chicken, steak and oats, and ginger and basil chicken. So don’t be surprised when it seems as if your dog is turning into a real foodie with all these decadent flavors. 

They also have a few cake options if you want to celebrate with some of these inventive flavors, but they mainly focus on the smaller treats. 

6. The 3 Paws Kitchen

It’s hard not to be mesmerized by all the treats and baked goods 3 Paws Kitchen offers for your furry friend. 

They have dog brittle, pretzels, jerky, cake bombs, sweet potato chips, waffles, and cinnamon rolls. They also have training treats made from scratch. It can be hard to find tasty training treats to keep your dog focused, but you’ll have their full attention when you use these. 

Their bakery treats are adorable, but nothing compares to their impeccable dog cakes that look professional and perfect. Just because your dog might be a sloppy eater doesn’t mean they deserve a messy cake!

7. The Little Big Dog Barkery

Just some of the many dog treats available at Little Big Dog Barkery!

The Little Big Dog Barkery doesn’t have the most creative treats, focusing on quality over appearance. However, they only use the finest premium ingredients to craft their homemade dog treats. 

They make apple, banana, carrot, and peanut butter dog treats that will become your dog’s new favorite snack. The bakery operates out of NYC, but the treats are currently only available via their Etsy store. 

8. Brody’s Barkery

Brody’s Barkery is another dog bakery that operates online, but they bake all their treats in New York. They have dog cookies, cakes, and cupcakes made from all-natural ingredients with love and care. 

Their most unique feature is their box subscriptions; you can sign up to periodically get a box of doggie treats to keep your pup happy! They pride themselves on eliminating the use of preservatives, additives, and filler ingredients. So you know your dog loves the taste while getting nutrients in their diet. 

They have unique flavors like Piña Doglada and Elvis Pawsley, oven-baked cookies with bacon, peanut butter, and banana, just like the king ate!

You can follow Brody’s Barkery on Instagram for updates and special deals.

9. Dog Cakes for Dogs

dog bakeries in nyc

Dog Cakes for Dogs makes vibrant and full-sized cakes for your pup’s birthday or special occasion like a Gotcha Day! And because they know being a pet parent isn’t always easy, they also make boozy cupcakes in a jar for you. 

Their dog cakes are phenomenal, featuring hand-decorated designs and realistic illustrations of your beloved babe in frosting. 

Every cake is made from scratch to order, and they pride themselves on making every cake unique, just like your dog. Dog Cakes for Dogs is the ultimate spot to get a custom cake for your four-legged friend. 

10. Château le Woof

Château le Woof is an enchanting brick storefront with the elegance of a European cheese shop or wine store, but they make doggie treats! Château le Woof is a bakery and cafe that makes dog treats and serves coffee to humans. 

They encourage people to sit and enjoy the cafe with their dogs by their side. There’s an off-leash play area and other dogs for your pup to make new friends while you sip on a latte. Or you could spoil your dog with a grooming session.

The coffee and the dog treats are artisan quality, and this is the perfect spot for a puppy play date. 

11. Bing’s Barkin’ Bakery

dog bakeries in new york

Bing’s Barkin’ Bakery has an array of colorful dog treats for every occasion, from birthdays to graduation to get well soon cookies. 

They serve ladybug donuts, Gotcha Day bones, hot dog cookies, and puppy cannolis. They don’t make many large items like full-sized dog cakes, but they’ve got everything you could dream of if you’re looking for small snacks. 

One of their most popular items is their peanut butter dog cups made from natural peanut butter and dog-friendly yogurt. It’s impossible to go here and not get your pup a cow cookie or squirrel-shaped treat they’ll go nuts over!

Final Thoughts – Dog Bakeries In NYC

From dog cakes to pretzel twists to delicious donuts, these dog bakeries in NYC have it all. 

So the next time you feel guilty about enjoying your chocolate chip cookie while your dog stares at you, take them to one of these phenomenal dog bakeries in New York City!

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