Can Dogs Eat Durian As A Tasty Snack?

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You’ve gotten your hands on a unique Durian fruit! Though this is popular in portions of Asia, most Americans haven’t ever heard of the strange food. Surely you want to share this rare treat with your pup!

Can dogs eat Durian fruit? Is it nutritious, or could it cause problems for the little ones? Do they even like the taste?

Let’s explore the answers to these questions and more below!

When we think of dogs, we often think of a carnivorous animal eating the meat from other animals, like the wolves before them. It’s true, our dogs are scientifically classified as carnivores and do derive much of their essential amino acids from animal protein.

Did you know dogs can eat many fruits and vegetables as well? Even wolves will scavenge for plant material on occasion! Most of a dog’s nutrition should come from animal sources, but a great diet offers a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and even grains in addition to meats.

In reality, today’s domesticated dog isn’t a strict obligate carnivore, and most have adapted to the omnivorous human diets we offer. You could say they have adapted to a more omnivorous lifestyle. 

What is Durian?

What is this strange, strong-smelling fruit, anyway? 

A Durian Fruit is a large, almost spiked fruit that looks a little like a greenish porcupine. It can smell so badly and strongly, that many public areas prohibit people from selling or carrying it!

can dogs eat durian

The fruit is grown throughout Southeast Asia and is very popular in that region of the world.

Durian fruit is also often referred to as the king of fruits throughout many parts of Asia! The fruit has been described as savory, creamy and sweet all in one.

Can Dogs Eat Durian

Now that you know what it is, can dogs eat Durian fruit? Even if they could, would they want to? What would it smell like to them?

Certain human foods just aren’t good for other animals! Some fruits and vegetables, like grapes or onions, can be especially bad. 

You can safely give your dog a small amount of your Durian fruit. It’s best given as an occasional treat, and only in small amounts! Not all dogs will react well, and there is still the possibility your pet may have some GI upset from this new and unusual food.

You never want to give your dog the outer, spiky shell! You don’t want to give your dog Durian seeds either. Durian stems or leaves are out of the question also.

Do Dogs Like Durian?

This depends on the dog. Some might and some might not like to try this. Let’s explore the reasoning further!

Though this depends on the dog, many pets would at least like to try Durian fruit! There is no guarantee they will or won’t like it. Your dog also won’t be missing out terribly if you don’t give him any Durian at all.

Durian is rich in fiber, B vitamins, and especially vitamin C! Still, you would be offering a very small amount on occasion and shouldn’t make this a regular part of your pet’s diet. There are better ways to offer these nutrients.

Vitamin C is actually a wonderful antioxidant, seeking out and eliminating dangerous free radicals! It also helps with the effects of inflammation and cognitive decline. 

can dogs eat durian

B vitamins include a larger group and help support a wealth of tasks for the human body.

Dogs have an extremely powerful sense of smell. It has been said a Bloodhound could find a grain of salt (if it didn’t dissolve) in two Olympic sized swimming pools worth of water! Durian fruit smells so strongly, many dogs simply would refuse to try it.

Many dogs will avoid foods that they don’t trust or haven’t tasted before, while others seem to want to eat anything you drop in front of them. Sometimes watching you eat first will encourage a dog to at least try out the food.

At the same time, many dogs would love to try anything that isn’t their own home-fed kibble, so this would make an unusually unique delight.

You can make this treat seem more valuable by encouraging your pup to try it! Associate praise with this new fruit. Pretend it is a forbidden yet highly valuable reward! 

Use small slices or pieces as a reward for various tasks or tricks your dog might perform for you!

What if a Dog Eats a Durian Seed?

The seeds of many fruits actually contain trace amounts of the chemical compound cyanide. Clusters of seeds can also cause a choking hazard, and even create an intestinal blockage requiring emergency surgery!

One or two seeds (or a few) probably won’t pose a problem. You would want to prevent your dog from eating several of them though.

You’ll want to contact your veterinarian if your dog does happen to eat too much of the durian fruit, consumes the shell, or eats way too many seeds.

How to Feed a Dog Durian

Can dogs eat Durian? The answer is yes they can eat the tasty delight- if fed correctly! Follow these simple steps below when offering your pup Durian Fruit.

Step One

Remove the harder, spiky outer shell of the Durian fruit. Much like pineapple skin, your dog shouldn’t eat the hard durian skin. You may have to cut the Durian fruit out, first removing a portion of the outer shell. You can use a sharp tool to dig at the seams of the shell before prying apart with your hands.

Step Two

Remove the fruit pods from the outer shell. Remove all of the Durian fruit seeds, or cut around them, first before offering any portions to your dog. These seeds can be dangerous, especially if a large quantity of them is eaten! 

Step Three

Only offer your dog small portions of the fruit at a time!

In Summary – Can Dogs Eat Durian?

Durian is totally safe for your dog to eat. But like most other human foods (or non-dog foods), you should only give this in moderation as an occasional treat. Too much isn’t good for your dog and can cause uncomfortable stomach upsets for your pup.

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BarkZine is a small team of devoted dog owners – so we understand what it’s like to be obsessed with your pup! We consult with veterinarians and dog behavior experts to bring you the best advice for your furry companions.