Best Bull Terrier Breeders In California

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Are you thinking that it’s time for a new pet? Or are you a curious dog enthusiast who’s always been intrigued by other peoples’ furry companions ripping around your local park? If you’re looking for bull terrier puppies for sale, these are our top picks to find your perfect companion from reputable bull terrier breeders in California.

If you’re interested in a large breed for a guard dog, a big pet to have around the house, or an energetic jogging partner, a bull terrier may just be for you. There are many common larger breeds to choose from like shepherds, labs, and retrievers, but bull terriers have a unique following for their heart of gold beneath a strong and tough demeanor.

bull terrier breeders in california

A Quick History Of Bull Terriers

Many folks have a preconception of bull terriers. Just like all kinds of dogs, however, their looks, size, and general temperament vary depending on their bloodline and training. These dogs can be stubborn, making them a tricky choice for novice dog owners. 

This stubbornness can lead to training difficulties and even violence towards unprepared owners. That being said, a purebred’s temperament shouldn’t be any more violent than that of most common breeds, so the notion of bull terriers being outright mean is a misconception. 

A relatively young breed, the bull terrier was first shown in England in the early 1860s. They quickly became popular around the world for their unique egg-shaped heads and playful temperaments. They are muscular by nature, which means they love exercise and play. 

bull terrier breeders in california

The original coats were all white, but now they can be seen in brindle stripes and other variations. Small eyes and pointed ears make this breed an easy one to spot, but also fuel the stereotypes of aggressiveness some people associate with this large, burly dog. 

Bull terriers have been common in the United States since the American Kennel Club embraced them in the mid-1880s, going on to be mascots for corporations like Target’s BullsEye and Bud Light’s Spuds MacKenzie

Despite this share of bull terrier love across North America, the breed is also commonly banned and seen as violent and aggressive. A well-bred specimen should be no more aggressive than a golden retriever, but stereotypes based on look and behavior prevail. 

Reputable Bull Terrier Breeders in California

Tracking down a reputable breeder is paramount when getting any new dog. For a breed like the bull terrier, it becomes even more important that you can trust where you’re getting your puppy from. Here are some tried and true spots to find bull terrier puppies for sale in California, and a rundown of each.  

Wildblue Bull Terriers & Labradors

bull terrier breeders in california

Website: WildBlueLabradors

East of San Francisco in beautiful Lodi, California, Wildblue breeders produce purebred puppies in several different breeds including bull terriers and labradors.

Don’t expect these pups to be cheap, but do expect to pay for quality. With show-ring accredited dogs leaving the litter each year, you can be sure these are some of the best bull terriers for sale in California. 

Sara, the breeder behind Wildblue, writes that they are “dedicated to improving [their] lines with each generation so that these wonderful breeds will continue to thrive for a long time to come.” This is an important commitment to quality in a breed whose temperament can depend on it! 

Old England Bull Terriers

bull terrier breeders in california

Website: OldEnglandBullTerriers

A small breeder in the south side of San Francisco operating since 2012, Old England Bull Terriers produces a limited number of litters per year but pours heart and soul into making sure each one of their pups is high-quality. 

Parents of each litter are screened and tested for good health, but Old England isn’t afraid to have a little fun either. They refer to the mother as “Notso Basic Biotch”. Expect to head home with healthy, microchipped, and dewormed puppies. 

Second to None Bull Terriers

bull terrier breeders in california

Website: SecondToNone

If you’re searching for bull terrier breeders in Grass Valley, Northern California, you won’t be disappointed talking to Tami Shaw, the breeder behind Second to None Bull Terriers. Tami is truly committed to this breed and conserving its health and longevity. 

Breeding bull terriers is a deeply personal affair to her, as she became interested in this playful breed through her own pets.  She regularly shows her dogs in competitions. Tami is also the director of the Barbary Coast Bull Terrier Club. As with most trustworthy breeders, she requires you to get in touch and explain what you’re looking for in a puppy’s personality. 

Second to None prefers pickup by car, stressing that this is truly a local business. But if this is not possible, delivery options are available at a premium. An appealing option for those set on buying from here is a “flight nanny”, who can travel with your pup and be a mobile bull terrier caregiver.

Bull Terrier Rescue CA & AKC Breeders

California Bull Terrier Rescue

bull terrier breeders in california

Website: BullTerrier.Rescue

If you’re set on a bull terrier but would prefer to adopt a dog or puppy rather than purchase, California Bull Terrier Rescue is the place for you. This unique operation is part of Rescue Me, founded in Georgia by Jeff Gold. They’ve since spread across the country, rescuing both dogs and cats. 

At the time of writing, nearly 4000 bull terriers have been rescued through their initiative. Special priority is noted when animals are found in kill shelters, in case would-be pet owners need that little extra incentive to adopt a new fur baby. 

Rescue Me and California Bull Terrier Rescue have an excellent, comprehensive website. They also run several databases and directories of rescue organizations that span worldwide across 150+ countries, featuring all breeds of dogs, cats, and other pets. If you’d like to save some money acquiring your next pet and feel great about where it’s coming from, this is the spot! 

American Kennel Club Marketplace

bull terrier breeders in california

Website: AKC Marketplace

A classic option that can put you in touch with countless carefully vetted breeders is the American Kennel Club (or AKC) marketplace.

AKC has a reputation to uphold, being a respected governing authority over what breeds are recognized in the United States.

They pride themselves in having their own recommendations of breeders. They also showcase listings for other breeders approved by the AKC. If you want to see a wide variety of options for bull terrier breeders in California and compare them with reputable breeders across the country, this is the place.

In Summary – Bull Terrier Breeders In California

Whether or not you’re ready to take the first steps towards bringing home a bull terrier puppy, you now know how to make an educated decision around this playful yet determined breed. Still want more info? Try giving one of these breeders a call!

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BarkZine is a small team of devoted dog owners – so we understand what it’s like to be obsessed with your pup! We consult with veterinarians and dog behavior experts to bring you the best advice for your furry companions.