Are There Black Yorkies? Are They Rare?

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If you’re looking to get a Yorkie Terrier, you might be wondering if there’s such a thing as black Yorkies? Here’s what you need to know.

Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, are a small dog breed with an easy-going and lively temperament. They love giving affection and running around with others. This dog breed is small and only grows about eight inches tall and weighs no more than seven pounds.

Yorkies can live for up to 15 years or longer, depending on their level of care. This eager-to-please dog breed is ideal for family homes with small children who adore playtime.

Yorkshires coat typically comes in four classic color combinations: black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, and blue and gold. It can be really challenging to find a Yorkie with only one color on its coat, as this is an extremely rare trait. 

If you’re wondering, “Are there black Yorkies?” keep reading and find out!

black yorkies

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Can Yorkies Be All Black?

If you’re a Yorkie lover, you may be asking yourself, “Are black Yorkies rare?” or “Are Yorkies born black?” The truth is finding a purebred solid-colored black Yorkie is nearly impossible.

This black color can happen, but that Yorkie won’t be purebred in most cases. To achieve an all-black coloration on a Yorkie, they would have to be a crossbreed between a Yorkshire Terrier and another breed of dog.

Sometimes, Yorkies are bred with Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Cocker Spaniels, and Beagles to create Yorkie mixes with other colors. All-black Yorkies probably come from one of these mixes.

How Much Is a Black Yorkie?

Yorkies typically go from $1500 to $3000. Black Yorkies can be expensive since they are very rare, and may cost up to $3,000.

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Do Some Yorkshires Stay Black?

Dogs’ fur color changes over time due to the natural aging process. Depending on their genetics, Yorkshires’ hair will turn more grey, blue, or silver as they age.

Black Yorkies Pictures

Here are some super cute pictures of black Yorkies!

Typical Yorkie Colors

Yorkies can come in many colors and have specific color combinations and patterns that make them famous. Yorkies usually only come in four color combinations when they are purebred. However, they can have different shades of these colors.

Yorkies usually have patches of white on their chests, pointed brown ears, and long, luxurious hair. This long coat of hair can be trimmed to keep a Yorkie cool in summer but can give them a regal and sophisticated look when left long.

Blue and Tan

One of the most common color combinations on a Yorkie is blue and tan mixtures. A blue and tan Yorkie will have blueish tones all over its body with tan spots on its legs, face, and head. This color combination is one of the most common in purebred Yorkshire Terriers.

Long-haired Yorkies will grow out hair from their face and body with these colors, making an elegant curtain out of their coat.

Black and Gold

One of the most notorious color schemes for Yorkies is a black and gold mixture. This color combination includes a black coat with brown legs, ears, and snout. A Yorkie with this color combination will have grayish-black splotches of color on its head. As their coat grows out, this color combination mingles together to create a mosaic of black and gold.

The brown on this coat is so deep it appears gold, much like a Goldendoodle.

Black and Tan

A black and tan Yorkie has light tan and beige colors on its head, face, and body while maintaining a black coat on the rest. This type of Yorkie has plenty of beige on its belly and face and will grow a luxurious curtain of black and tan hair that mixes well together.

This color combination looks similar to a black and gold Yorkie, except that it has a lighter tan color.

Blue and Gold

A blue and gold Yorkie is unique and rare. This color combination offers a Yorkie a full body of blueish-gray while maintaining a gold color on its legs, face, and head. Yorkies with this color combination usually have a coat of shiny hair that offers them a regal and sophisticated aura.

Some Yorkies have blueish-gray on their heads, as well. A Yorkie may have patches of gray that go up its forehead and rest on the top of its head and lead down the base of its ears.

Special Yorkie Colors

Yorkies can have special colors when they aren’t purebred. Crossbred Yorkies are not as high in demand, but they have equally as stunning coats of hair and coloration as their purebred cousins.

Yorkies can be crossbred with nearly any other dog to make puppies with unique colorations and patterns. Solid-colored Yorkies are almost always crossbred with Dashchunds and other dog breeds.

Parti Yorkies or Black and White Yorkies

Yorkies can have multiple colors in their coat and usually have a combination of two colors. However, this dog breed can also include three colors. Sometimes, a Yorkie that is crossbred may have a third color in its coat, including white, tan, or black.

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Brown, or chocolate, Yorkies are the rarest. This color is only possible through crossbreeding with other dog types, like a Dachshund or other miniature dogs. Brown Yorkies can sometimes be solid-colored, meaning there are no other colors in their coat.

This rare color can make a Yorkie mix more expensive and give them an aura of opulence and luxury. Brown Yorkies can also have other small patches of color mixed in, most often including white or tan.


Gold-colored Yorkies are rare. This solid color is not as rare as a solid-colored brown Yorkie but is still uncommon. A gold Yorkie may retain plenty of its original Yorkie genetics while introducing some new genetics from crossbreeding.

Gold Yorkies are stunning and have a long coat of hair that can make this dog look like a Twinkie running across the lawn. 


Red Yorkies usually have black mixed in with their coat. However, the red tones run up their body and leave only the top part of their back in black color. The rest of its body will be a red color, similar to a Red Panda.

This color is rare but makes a Yorkie look otherworldly and vibrant. This red color is usually deep, nearly gold, and runs across most of a Yorkie’s body.

Yorkie Temperament

Yorkies are fun-loving dogs who enjoy the world around them. These dogs are characterized by several key features that make them perfect for families and those with small children. Consider getting a Yorkie if you love affection, have small children in the home, and would enjoy watching them zoom around the backyard.


Yorkies are affectionate dogs who adore people and will spend their time near their loved ones. A Yorkies is most comfortable in someone’s lap, receiving belly rubs, or leaning against someone they love.

Yorkies are perfect dogs for sharing a bed and will comfortably take up a small amount of space nearby their owners. Yorkies enjoy going on walks, adventures, and outdoor excursions with their families, as well.

Love Children

Yorkies adore playing with small children. Usually, small children have a high capacity for playtime, and your Yorkie will love chasing them around the home or yard. 

Small children can help train a Yorkie to make their bond even tighter. When they help in training, feeding, and overall care of a Yorkie, the Yorkie will be more inclined to protect and listen to verbal commands from the child.

Plenty of Energy

Yorkies have tons of energy that they need to expel every day before they go to bed. This may mean running around the house and backyard or taking long walks. Those who enjoy leisurely hikes or walks in nature will find Yorkies to be the perfect walking companion. This dog breed also loves people and doesn’t shy away from strangers.

You and your Yorkie are likely to make plenty of new friends on walks and trips outside since your pup will greet everyone.

Enjoys Playtime

Yorkies adore playtime and will use any excuse to grab a toy and urge you to play. This penchant for play makes Yorkies ideal for families with small children and other dogs. Yorkies will also enjoy play dates with other dogs, human friends, or outside time in the backyard.

Final Thoughts – Black Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers are loving dogs who will gladly spend their afternoon sitting on their owner’s lap. This dog breed also loves playing with young children and thinks the ideal afternoon is a backyard run with others. They are perfect for families who want a small dog to take on adventures or those who are looking for a cute and small companion.

This dog breed also has a distinguished coat that can be worn long or trimmed short. Regardless of how they are groomed, Yorkies are nearly immediately recognizable.

Yorkies are usually a combination of tan, black, gold, and blue tones. However, some other special colors only come from crossbreeding Yorkies with other dog breeds. 

Yorkies may not be all black. Totally black Yorkies rarely happen. So, when you do spot an all black Yorkie, they are probably crossbred with other dog breeds to produce this deep and rich color.

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